Why do I need a website host?

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Why do I need a website Host?


You may be building your own website or looking at building a website for your small business. But do you need to hire a web hosting company? The answer is yes, and this article will tell you why. Web hosts are the backbone of any website as they provide the space where it can reside on the internet, as well as offer other services such as security measures and data storage. This post explores some common misconceptions about building a site without hiring a web host first, and what those misconceptions really mean for your business in terms of time, cost, and functionality.

This article will identify the question “Why do I need a website host? by examining the following:

1) Why do I need to hire a hosting company?

2) What are the benefits of hiring a hosting company?

3) How does this help my business?

4) What are the drawbacks of not hiring a hosting company?

5) Who should I hire for my business needs?

Why do I need a website host?

First, What is a Hosting Company?

A hosting company is basically, a place where your website will live. Hosting companies provide the servers, storage space, and bandwidth that you need to actually view and use your site on a web browser or mobile device. When we say “hosting company” we really mean three different kinds of companies: shared hosting (the most common), virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated hosts.

We can almost think of hosting in terms of a neighborhood. A neighborhood is full of houses and other buildings that are used by visitors at all times. The building is home to many different businesses and activities, but it’s also an area where people can meet up. If we consider your website as a building in the neighborhood, then hosting would be the place that provides you with this building for visitors to use whenever they want.

why do i need a website host?Do all businesses need one?

The short answer: sometimes!

Not every small business will need web hosting services. For some companies, there are other options out there that might better suit their needs (like building a local listing on Google my business or creating a site using an all-in-one solution like Wix or Squarespace).  However, if you’re planning on having large amounts of traffic flow through your website in addition to multiple users updating content frequently – like editing pages, adding products, or uploading videos – then web hosting is the right solution.

Why do I need to hire a hosting company?

There are many potential reasons to hire a web hosting company.  First, building the right website from scratch can be quite expensive and time-consuming – especially if you don’t have much technical know-how! Second, an experienced team of developers will already have experience with best practices on building sites without errors. Finally, there’s simply no way around it: building your own site requires some sort of web presence in order for people to find you online. If visitors can’t even load your site or navigate through it because the servers aren’t powerful enough – then that means they’ll leave and go somewhere else instead (and nobody wants that!)


What are the benefits of hiring a hosting company?

The benefits far outweigh the costs that are incurred from hiring a hosting company.

  • For starters, building your own website requires quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to how the internet works.
  • You need experience with building sites that are optimized for search engines in order to get visitors.
  • You also need to know about hosting platforms and servers in order to accommodate them all.
  • And let’s not forget about security!

An experienced Hosting company, or web developer, will have the understanding to build a website that is secure and optimized.

An experienced hosting company will also have the resources to handle any potential disasters, such as if your server goes down or you get hacked by cybercriminals!

Also – building your own site from scratch definitely requires time and patience; it’s definitely not something that can be done overnight. And let’s face it: nobody has the time for that these days! This is where an experienced Web developer or hosting provider can assist.


How does this help my business?

A well-designed website, built by a reputable web hosting company, will be able to rank higher on search engines. This means your site can get more exposure and therefore make you MORE money!

By building with an experienced Web development team or Hosting service provider, you’re giving yourself the best chances of success online.

additionally, many hosts offer professional email domains as well.

This means that, instead of your company receiving email at: [email protected], it will receive and send email from: [email protected]

This makes your business or website look even more official, as it’s reaching out to potential clients from its professional domain name.

You also get a team of professionals that can assist you with updates or changes to the site, where you would have to ordinarily do it yourself when you found the time.


What are the drawbacks of not hiring a hosting company?

There are many benefits to hiring a web hosting company,

However, there can be drawbacks as well.

Although they will give you assistance with building your site and making it look professional for the online world, this also means that you have less control over everything involved in building the website itself.

It’s best if you know what kind of content is going onto your pages so that nothing breaks rules or regulations on sites such as Facebook or Google+, where advertisements may not fit very well into those guidelines.

In addition, although most hosts help clients build their websites from scratch, some companies simply provide blogging services that allow for quick updates without having to do much coding yourself. This isn’t exactly building a site from scratch but would still require a fair amount of prep work and oversight.

A hosting company’s primary interest should be the name that they are advertising online for your business. An experienced hosting or web development company will know how to prepare a site and advertisement materials that will complement your website and what you are trying to do.


Who should I hire for my business needs?

The short answer: Any company you like!

It’s best to do research into the pricing structures and companies that you want to hire for your project/business. As mentioned at the outset, shared hosting companies are often the first to be chosen when it comes to web design DIY. Companies such as Bluehost/ Siteground/ Hostgator are all shared, web hosts.

Shared web hosts are affordable because they use a single server to host many sites. This reduces the cost of building and maintaining an entire web server for each one of their clients, while still offering some perks such as unlimited bandwidth or disk space at a reasonable price point.

Search around until you find a company that not only has your budget in mind but also provides what you need from it!

In order to get started building your website with no coding knowledge whatsoever all you really have to do is sign up for hosting with any shared web hosting service (like Bluehost) then install WordPress on their servers. When this process finishes just go ahead and log into the back-end dashboard of WordPress and start creating.

At the time of posting, costs to secure server space on Bluehost/ Siteground/ Hostgator are as follows:

Bluehost: from $2.95/month – $4.95/month

Hostgator: $2.75/month – $5.75/month

Siteground: $3.99/month – $11.99/month

These cost ranges are based on what is currently being offered with a shared hosting plan.

Also available are WordPress hosting plans. Though these don’t differ too much from shared web hosting, a clear definition should help to give a better understanding of if it is right for your business.


WordPress hosting plans: WordPress-specific hosting that adds a number of convenient features to make it easier to manage, secure, and speed up your WordPress site. Managed hosting isn’t so much a type of plan as it is a description of the service you’ll receive

So, WordPress hosting plans are great for specific WordPress users that want extra features completed for them such as SSL certification, Backups, Security scans, and even a staging environment to make building a website easier.

So, the question remains, “Do you need a website hosting company?” The short answer is: It depends on a couple of factors: your budget, your time, and what you plan to do with the website after building it. If you have a hefty marketing budget, then getting a hosting company to design develop and host your website is a no-brainer and will absolutely benefit you in the long run. This will save you time and headache trying to learn the in’s and out’s of web design.

If you’d like an affordable quality web design service, look no further. Transitional web design can assist you with not only choosing a great hosting platform that will save you money but also capturing your design vision and bringing it to life online for your clients and potential customers to see.

Hosting is a necessity for any business, but there are also many benefits to hiring a hosting company. Our team of experts can help you find the right solution and guide your efforts from start to finish. We work with companies at all stages in their marketing journey and we’re confident that we have what it takes to provide professional web design services and efficient website hosting solutions tailored specifically for your needs. Contact our SEO professionals today!

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