Why is my business not showing up on Google?

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Why is my business not showing up on Google?

Businesses all over ask questions like this every day! The idea is to get your business seen online to maximize the customers that know what you have to offer. So here are a few things to consider when trying to make sense of your business’s digital marketing efforts and presence in a Google search.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world

Why is my business not showing up on google

Many different types of businesses use Google to advertise their products/services. When you are looking for a specific type of product or service, do you use Google?

Consider this fact:

Google owns over 92% of searches worldwide, while their biggest rival, Bing, only gets 2 . 5% of queries, followed by Yahoo and Baidu.

Why are search engines so popular among internet users? Simply because they give searchers what they are searching for, and they do it quickly.
There is a lot of competition in any niche for a business to be seen on Google. And the road to ranking somewhere on Google is a long one.

Search engines list websites that they consider authoritative and will rank higher on their results pages.

Domain Authority (DA) helps identify whether a website has a chance of ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

In its calculations, Domain Authority takes into account dozens of variables. In reality, Domain Authority is calculated via machine learning; the used algorithm is most closely aligned with links correlated with rankings across thousands of actual search results that serve as benchmarks for comparison.

Google wants to know if your website has enough authority to be a resource for people looking for answers online.

If your business isn’t showing up, you should do some research to find out why it might not be considered authoritative enough by Google.

The significant part about getting your site to show up on Google is that Google has things in place to give you the roadmap to getting your site there.

Have a look at a couple of potential service-based websites on the first page and consider these questions:

  • What do those websites look like?
  • How quickly do the sites load?
  • Are they Secured indicated by an SSL certificate?
  • Are there a lot of words or characters?
  • Are there videos?
  • Any Pictures?

By using the websites that show up, you can ensure that your website fits the mold that Google deems authoritative in that specific industry.

For example, suppose you see that every business listed in your google search has pictures on the page, and those pictures are named and tagged similarly to the search query that you typed in to find it. In that case, that’s your first piece of the puzzle; add photos that will increase the visual aesthetics of your page, and categorize those pictures accordingly and adequately like the other businesses there.

Sometimes, it also comes down to website age. Older websites that get frequently updated usually tell Google that the company has been around for a while and probably knows what they are doing. So, updating your content and waiting often has good results.


Check out this video for a further explanation:

Many factors could affect your site’s authority, including what keywords you use for SEO or how often you update your content. 

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords… If I’m trying to build authority and relevancy in my niche, I need to use words that my audience knows and uses frequently.

For example, if I’m an electrician in Dallas, a keyword or phrase I may often use on my website is Voltage, Electrical, Sockets, and my business location. Likewise, I may use the terms or titles: “How to change a lightbulb safely,” “How to change a damaged socket,” etc… Providing better business information can verify your business for Google.

Are you starting to see the point? Your website needs to use certain words more than others so that Search engines know what your website is about. IF you only service-specific locations, it’s very likely that your customers will be doing a local search to find you, such as Plumbers near Atlanta, GA. They also may not even use or need a physical address for your location; They may use the term “Near me.”

Building a Google My Business account is a great way to use Local SEO. Your GMB profile will highlight your status as a local business. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to edit your business after you’ve gone through Google’s verification process.

That process is straightforward and, if done correctly, will grant you the possibility to be the location authority in your industry. Your Google my business listing is so important because you will show up on Google maps as well. It’s an excellent way for customers to find you and use your services.

Content updating is also significant. Why? Well, more content means more visitors. If you aren’t constantly adding content to your website, you are missing many eyes and visitors.

To increase your website’s ranking, you can do a few things, such as adding more keywords to relevant posts or writing better quality blog content. 

So, now we have identified the following:

  • What Google deems as Authoritative
  • What type of content Google is choosing to rank or List on the search engine results page?
  • The specifics of Content that Google thinks are the best for customers to see

We should be adding to our Blog consistently and with quality. Adding more keywords to our content can help us show up more often in searches that we may not have even thought we could show up for.

Use tools like SEMRUSH and Ubersuggest to find words that your competitors are using to get found online. Once you know what they are writing about, could you write about the same topic in greater detail? or maybe use better vocabulary that will be easier for your potential clients to read?

IF you are interested in learning more about this process of finding words that your customers are searching for, check out this page SEO services in Atlanta, GA.

You can also ask other people with similar sites if they’ve had any success with any techniques that worked for them.

Sometimes as business owners, we may get the mindset that we can’t ask for help and reach out to other professionals in our niche. That is far from the truth! Some business owners love helping other businesses, so don’t count them out.

They may tell you that they were able to get good rankings by doing certain things successfully. So, by utilizing other professionals and speaking to them about what you need to do, you can save yourself a lot of the headaches we mentioned previously.

It can be hard to know what Google wants when you’re looking to rank your website. The answer is usually somewhere in the search engine’s List of authoritative websites and how they rank on their results pages. If your site isn’t ranking well, it may not show up because you need to research why that might happen – maybe there are other sites with more authority than yours?

Or maybe people just aren’t searching the right words or using the correct terms to find your site? Whatever it may be, we can help you figure out where things went wrong, so you don’t have any trouble getting found by customers online.

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