Top 5 questions in your web design free consultation

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Top 5 Questions to Expect at Your Web Design Free Consultation 

Your web design free consultation is your first contact with the company you will be working with. It is your chance to find out how good their customer service is and decide if they are fit for your website project or not.

A professional website design expert will be ready to explain to you what they will do for you, but the best website consultations also have several questions involved. These questions help the designer understand your business to develop an appropriate design. What are some of the questions you can expect when you schedule a free consultation with us?

Web design free consultationWhat Does Your Business Do?

This question is probably the first discussed in your web design free consultation, and one of the most important questions you should be asked. You will be required to explain, in your own words, what your business does, as this helps us get a good grip on how we can assist your business online.

It may be straightforward that you sell clothes online, walk dogs, organize events or provide services, but a good designer will want to hear it from you. He/she will want to know what the business is all about, your goals, ways and doing things, and the company’s mission/vision.

Your website should reflect the industry as accurately as possible, and how you answer this question will determine this.

Do You Need a New Website or Redesign an Existing One?

To determine what your design project will be like, we will need to know if we are redesigning or creating a new project from scratch. If it is a new website, we will need to know all the features you want included. You may reference a few links from websites you love and would like your chosen web design company to draw inspiration.

If you have an old website to be redesigned, you will need to tell the designer what you do not like about the current site. You will also need to tell them what you love, so they keep it. Also, explain what shortcomings your existing website has so the new one can address them. check out Atlanta’s best web designers.

What are Your Goals for the Website?Get an online web design consultation

While some people focus on making user-friendly websites, the focus should be on attracting traffic and making more sales. Others use their websites solely for branding. If you need a combination of all these and many others, you need to be very clear on your goals.

As you walk in to get your free website discussion started, come prepared with a list of goals you would like to achieve. Among those goals may be to delve deeper into the realms of SEO. Find out more about the benefits of SEO optimization.

What is Your Budget and Timeline?

Budget and timeline is essential, and it will help you avoid problems after the project starts. Come in with clear timelines, and our designers will give you a general idea if their skill set allows them to meet that criteria.

As for the budget, it is good to have one and communicate this to the designer, so they know how to handle the entire development services and project. As you come up with a budget, consider what the must-haves on your website are, the nice to have, and the features you would consider luxurious. Be ready to discuss the cost implications of each category during your web design free consultation.

In person Web design consultationDo You Need Web Design and Development Services or More?

Creating a website is like starting with a skeleton. It still needs to be filled with much more ‘meat’ to be a functional website. You will need logos, images, written content, and much more.

Will we be the ones doing your digital marketers, or do you have a team? To ensure the process runs smoothly, a designer needs to understand the web project’s scope during that first phone call or scheduled meeting. Check out some resources that we use to organize our client accounts and get your project moving!



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