3 Reasons successful businesses use website design payment plans

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3 reasons to consider a website design payment plan

The market standard for Webdesign prices lands at about $1500 – $3000 per project. How can a busy business owner pay for that when there are so many other expenses that have to be managed before splurging on a website? How important is a website to the success of your business, and how can a website be made affordably so that businesses can advertise and market their services effectively?

Website design payment plans are available to those who do not have thousands of dollars laying around in the bank. The most popular form is a monthly plan that allows you to pay for your website over time at an agreed-upon price each month. This makes it affordable and efficient when investing in professional web development services by allowing businesses to spread out their payments over time.

But why is your website important for the success of your business?

A website’s job is to be the face of a business and it can be the most powerful professional marketing tool available. A website’s design is actually what makes or breaks how professional, credible and trustworthy your company appears to potential customers.

A professional-looking site helps attract more traffic than you might get with other forms of advertising such as billboards or TV commercials which are costly.

Design differences include Single page sites, Multipage sites, eCommerce sites, and mobile-friendly web pages. All of these web pages typically have different costs, with the exception of mobile-friendly pages, which are commonly known as Mobile responsive pages. Those pages are automatically created by our team to ensure that your website can be seen on many different devices.

The name of the game is customer intent and satisfaction –

Your website does not necessarily need to be as complex as online retailers such as Amazon/Walmart/ or other Big box brands. In order for customers to get the information, they want about your business your website just needs to be easy to navigate and straight to the point.

But why might this be difficult for some businesses?

Does Cost affect the design of a website?

Can you purchase a website for less than $500?

Some have tried making their own websites, and others settle for the cheapest web designs around. But is this really a good idea? Website design payment plans are designed to make the cost of a website more affordable for the average business.

Here are 3 of the most spoken about topics regarding website design payment plans:

1. You get to pay for your website design over time

web design plan project board

Payment plans allow businesses to spread out their payments every month. This is a great benefit for those who are on a tight budget but want professional web development services. Instead of having to pay the full amount in one chunk, you can have it broken down into pieces making monthly payments that much more affordable and efficient!

When looking at payment plans it’s very important to create a budget that includes all fees and add-ons. Add-ons such as logos, cost of hosting plans, Photos, authored content, domain price, premium website features…etc.

There are also payment plan options for those who want to be able to pay off their website design in full at any time. Regardless of the type, professional web designers will accommodate your needs when it comes to choosing a payment option.

-weekly or monthly payments

You can split up your payments to pay monthly or have a weekly auto draft from your account. Either way, an initial deposit is often required. Speaking to our web development team will help you to come up with a plan on how much it will cost, and how often you should pay.

-interest rates do not apply

We have completely nixed interest rates because the finance option sits at a higher price range and requires a down payment. Therefore, the simple $150/month or $250/month is really all that’s necessary and if you cannot continue to pay, or if you decide to change your mind on the project and stop altogether, you won’t be held liable for the rest of the payments! How cool is that?

– professional web design

When it comes to a professional website, our team of experts have years of experience. We’ll be able to provide insight on your target audience and how best to reach them through your new website! Our professional approach means we can build anything from small business websites with eCommerce capabilities, all the way to large blog networks that have the possibility to increase your reach and leads coming to your website each month.

2. The cost of a website design is spread out evenly over a period of time

The cost of a professional website can be spread out over time which means it is easier to budget for. With monthly payments, you’ll pay less upfront and have more money in your pocket when we deliver the final product!

This is great news for small businesses that want professional websites but don’t want the hefty price tag upfront. These plans are designed to make the cost of a website more affordable for the average business. The market cost for a new website can range from $1000 to around $3000 depending on site size and specifics.

3. It’s easier than paying the full price all at once, and you can stop payments any time

When the budget gets tight, or you simply cannot afford to complete the rest of the payments with us, just let us know and we will pause the project until a future date.

So, all in all, it’s clear that having a professional website is good for a business, and payment plans for professional web design are much easier to manage than paying the full price all at once while allowing businesses of any size to have access to professional services without breaking the bank.

let’s consider a few examples of websites that can be purchased using a website design payment plan:

A professional website is important for any business, but when the budget gets tight, it can be difficult to find a way to afford one. Payment plans provide an affordable opportunity for businesses of all sizes and budgets to get professional products and services without having to break the bank or lose opportunities by waiting until the right moment presents itself.

Here are some features that can come with a website payment plan:


  • Custom Design – A custom design is important because it helps give your business a professional look and feel for the consumer.
  • Content Management System – A CMS is an easy way to manage content on your website, allowing you control over what goes up on it without needing any traditional “web design” knowledge or skills.
  • Payment Plans Can Be Flexible: Payment plans can be tailored to fit just about every budget because they allow businesses to pay in convenient installments rather than all at once upfront, which makes them easier to afford. This flexibility allows companies of different sizes with varying levels of financial stability to get professional web services that would otherwise have been out of reach financially due to one-time costs being too prohibitively high while also maintaining cash flow when necessary through monthly payments instead of having large
  •  Competitor Research – Researching your competitors to find out what works and what doesn’t, is very important when you are working on your own website. If someone else has a professional-looking site, it might be worth taking some notes from them to help improve the first impression that you give your clients.
  •  Up to 21 Images Included – Our professional web design package includes up to 21 photos, images, and/or graphics that can be used on your website. This is a great value
  •  Go Live in 4 weeks – No more waiting months and months for your design to be completed, count on at least 4 weeks of design/development time and then go live!
  •  Target Audience – When it comes to the voice of your website, make sure that the audience you target is one that will complete the tasks you want them to. For instance, do you want your target audience to buy from you? Order your services? sign up for your email list? if so, We need to make your site say that clearly to them.
  •  Free SEO consultation – Once your site is active, we’ll schedule a time to sit down with you and discuss how the site is positioned in search engines, and what keywords your target audience will use.
  •  20% OFF Two months of SEO – Have you decided to add on Search engine optimization? Get the first 2 months discounted when you pair it with a website payment plan

In conclusion after reading this article, we can probably agree with the following regarding the website design payment plans:

Web design prices can be very expensive for most businesses.

Websites are important for marketing your business and need to be budgeted for. After all, your website is often the first impression someone gets for your business. So don’t go cheap!

The costs associated with website design payment plans depend on how detailed you’d like your website to be. Page count and specific elements may increase costs for web designs.

All in all – it’s safe to say that website payment plans are life savers when it comes to a healthy marketing budget. Whether you choose to finance one or pay for one in full, your website is worth it.

Thanks for reading!

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