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Why branding is important for small businesses?

When you look at the scope that branding plays in small business, it’s easy to see that branding may be the cornerstone of how you and your business are displayed to potential and current clients.

Your branding is your identity; it’s what you’re known for. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you need to make sure that wherever your company appears, it looks like the same company. And the only way to do this is by having a consistent brand image across platforms.

Gainsville's Premier Business Branding Service

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We follow a very clear process to make sure that you have all the pieces you need to display your brand correctly. We’ll clear up any questions regarding your brand and how you can position yourself in the market.

We appreciate the professional nature of the businesses that we assist in the Gainsville, GA location. These businesses benefit greatly from the use of our services, and we’d be honored to extend the same level of dedication to your business.

Business Branding Experience

Website Design
Creation proficiency 100%
Design and Printables 87%
Business Cards
Design and collaboration 80%
Social media Channels
Consultation and design 78%
Official letterhead 91%
Logo design and Consultations
Collaboration 96%

When you look at how your competitors’ small business branding is displayed, most of them will include a logo. It can be displayed on everything that they do: Marketing materials, letterhead, decals, flyers, etc… 

When you are trying to come up with business branding ideas, it can be overwhelming to limit yourself to a design, especially if you are a creative business owner or marketer. But let us reassure you that simple is the name of the game. The simpler and catchier your brand image and message are, the more memorable they may be.

Gainsville small business Branding at its finest

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A company’s brand needs to be consistent across many platforms. Consumers remember things when they are consistent. If your brand changes depending on the platform you use, your customers may be confused.

When a business is small, it may not have the financial resources that larger companies have to pay for advertising. But having a consistently displayed brand can help to make them stand out and be noticed over time.

Off the wall branding

Gainsville’s small business branding utilizes tried and true methods of advertising but, “off the wall” highly creative branding ideas are also highly memorable. So, don’t be alarmed if we suggest something like that for your brand. Often though, brands that carry the idea of off-the-wall marketing carry through the idea of uniqueness in their products and services as well.

This is branding, you want your branding to make sense, it needs to flow throughout everything that has anything to do with your business.

3 benefits of Gainsville small business branding

Simple designs

Though designs may be simple, they should be memorable

Amazing results

Be recognizable to your target audience

Budget friendly

You can get as little or as much done regarding your branding


Frequently asked questions that we receive about our Branding program

Yes, every business can benefit from some sort of branding, whether service based or retail, branding is a very important part of business. Branding is how your clients recognize you.

An imagination! If you choose us to create something for you that will serve as a recognition for your brand, you’ll need to collaborate with us so that we can accurately depict the visions you might have into a brand that you can be proud of.

Typically, each package is customized to exactly what you need. Our customers typically pay between $500 and $3000 for their designs. Printing charges depend on quantity desired. We would collaborate with a local printer near you so that you can get your designs quick!

No, our work is typically on the design and printing side. If you would like your brand trademarked, you’ll need to consult legal services that will get that process handled for you.

Absolutely, we have a DIY plan that consists of 3 consultation calls regarding your brand and how to build it. You’ll learn month over month activities you can use to gain exposure as well as things you can do right away to get seen online.

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