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So much of the world’s population has at least one active account on social media networks. You can assume that your target audience is already on these social platforms and interacting with businesses. If your brand still doesn’t implement a social media marketing campaign, then the number of customers you miss out on increases day after day.

As a social media user, you’ve no doubt stumbled upon content and ads from all different types of businesses. From Business to consumer brands, B2B companies, non-profit organizations, eCommerce stores, local shops, and probably even service-based companies. Business owners worldwide invest in social media channels to build their brand and increase their sales. And it’s all because they know how it works.

We’ve seen how social media management does wonders for businesses, and we have the skills to implement an excellent plan for you to get results. But the question is, are you ready? That is, to take your social media management to the next level?

Monthly website maintenance package meeting. Social media influencers meet as well.

What's Trending Now

Video content is currently trending on social media. From Live videos to product reviews, its clear that viewers would rather watch then read! So, if you arent already posting videos, or sharing “Lives” get started today!

However, if you are like so many other business owners that just plain don’t have the time to post everyday, and you are looking for a bit of relief, look no further! Our social media management team can get your posts scheduled for you so that things go out on time and with purpose.

Give your business a boost!

We love Social media management. When we can step back and look at how we helped build a culture that allows your core principles to live through your business, it’s truly satisfying. It sounds simple, but we love it.

Use Transitional Web Design’s professional Social media management plans. We can get you right in front of customers.


Which platforms do we focus on?

Click on a platform to read more

If you think Instagram is only for visually appealing brands, you might want to think again. It doesn’t matter what kinds of different products or services you’re offering. If you have the right content marketing, you’ll still be a hit on this social platform. 

Our Social media management company assists you by ensuring creativity in your posts. You can successfully increase your website traffic and be an influencer in your industry by utilizing our team’s tips. Can you imagine being considered an influencer in your specific industry? 

You can also use Instagram as a networking tool to find and connect with other business owners in your niche. Check out these Instagram statistics:

  • Five hundred million users said that they check Instagram Stories and Explore every month.
  • 92% of the total Instagram users interviewed say they’ve purchased after seeing their product or service on Instagram repeatedly.
  • 62% of users say that their interest in a product is peaked after they have seen it in an Instagram story.
  • 11% of all social media users in the U.S. regularly shop on Instagram.
  • One hundred thirty million Instagram users view shopping posts on the platform every month.

When there are billions of active users worldwide on a network, that becomes something substantial. Facebook has remained the primary social media platform for marketers today.

 No matter your business’s size, a business Facebook page is necessary to keep your customers informed about your companies latest, increase your brand awareness, and widen your reach. 

Here are some more exciting facts relating to Facebook for business. Our social media management company can help you to manage your profile every month successfully.

  • There are way more than 1.6 billion users around the globe that connect to businesses on Facebook.
  • Most users are 1.5x more likely to watch Facebook videos using a smartphone daily.
  • 3% of consumers stated that they use Facebook to search for products and services and then purchase.
  • 66% of users say that they consistently Like or Follow specific brands on Facebook.

If you’re struggling with generating leads or building business to business connection, then you should have a profile on Linkedin. The LinkedIn platform has more than 600 million users worldwide. 

Besides the things already mentioned, having a LinkedIn profile is also a great way to boost your SEO rankings on Google. Check out these Linkedin facts that get us excited. You can also use our social media management company for competitor research on Linkedin.

  • LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads.
  • 45% of marketers stated that they had gained customers through the social network.
  • LinkedIn impressions continually grow up to 50% year over year.
  • 95% of Business Business content marketers use LinkedIn for their organic content marketing.
  • 65% of Business to Business companies have reportedly used LinkedIn paid ads to acquire new customers.

The words “trending” and “hashtags” are indicators of what is “REALLY” on your customer’s minds. It’s an excellent tool for your business to stay relevant to your targeted customers.

 You can also quickly announce many new product offerings and time-limited offers. Our social media management company will get your Twitter on a schedule to ensure you are posting regularly and adding quality content to your brand. Besides that, you can hold a Twitter Chat (TweetChat) to boost your followers’ interaction. Here are some other Twitter facts:

  • 79% of Twitter users state that they use this social network to discover what’s new.
  • Twitter’s website traffic continues to increase up to 6%, year-over-year.
  • Users watch 2 billion Twitter videos daily.

Did you know that advertisers get, on average, a 200% return on investment that they spend on Pinterest advertising? Pinterest users actively look for products and services online and have helped it become one of the world’s leading social platforms, motivating and influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. 

Why not satisfy your curiosity about whether it can work in your business with Atlanta’s premier social media management company? Pinterest has well over 300 million monthly active users that search and share inspirations through Pins. 

  • 77% of Pinterest’s weekly users stated that they had discovered a new product or brand using the social media platform.
  • 83% of weekly Pinners reported that they had made a purchase based on the content they saw from brands featured.
  • On average, retail businesses generate a 2x higher return on their ad spend on Pinterest, as mentioned at the outset.
  • 48% of Pinners admitted that shopping is the top priority for them using this social network.
  • Revenue from Pinterest shopping ads has steadily increased up to 100% last year.

How does this work?

Our Social Media Management program

Interested in taking Social media off your plate? Read about how we can do it for you!

First step

Tailor-Made Social Experiences

Let's get to know your business

We need to take a deep dive into your business and get to know the gist of how it operates, what you offer, who you offer it to, and why they want it. Once we have ironed out those details, then its time to setup a mood board. The mood board will then give us a basis for content creation.


Custom Strategy creation

Lets create a strategy to get your service seen!

Once we’ve learned about your business, we need to create a custom plan to “Show-off” that business online. Your custom content strategy includes:

  • Your goals
  • Who your competitors are
  • And any original ideas you have for your brand

Before the end of the call, we’ll outline a strategy that will get you results through social media.

web design plan project board

Third Step

Get Seen!

Lets begin generating traffic

Start generating more traffic and interest in your business through your social media campaigns and regular posting and engaging with your audience. Make things easy for your visitors to buy from you right on social media platforms.

Social Media Management Plans

Included in each package is a social media platform of your choice (ex. Facebook, Instagram).
$150 for each additional network

Social Media Basic

A basic program for posting to social media regularly
$ 247 Monthly
  • Original Content Creation
  • Social media Calendar Organization
  • Optionally published to stories
  • 2-3 posts per week per platform
  • Hashtag Research
  • Professionally sourced images
  • Collaboration with local photographer*
  • Carosel posts available

Social Media PRO

A more comprehensive program for
social media management
$ 799 Monthly
  • Hashtag Research
  • Original Content Creation
  • Carosel posts available
  • Ad Boosting Management^
  • Social media Calendar Organization
  • Optionally published to stories
  • 2-3 posts per week per platform
  • Professionally sourced images
  • Collaboration with local photographer*
  • Analyzed monthly performance
  • 1 hour SMM strategy meeting each month

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